Body lifting

Body Lifting

About one third of the morbidly obese patients will need plastic surgery to remove excessive or redundant skin after weight loss. Some patients need only one operation as a tummy tuck or breast suspension or thigh reduction or arm reduction. Some patients-specially after massive weight loss- will need all three. Years ago we used to perform one procedure and the patient will recover and few months later he would return for another procedure and so on.
This was both expensive and time consuming for these patients who need more than one procedure. for those patients who needed we developed what we call a total body lifting procedure whereby 3 teams of plastic surgeons work simultaneously to perform plastic surgery for the whole body including abdomen, thighs, arms, and breast lifting with or without a breast implant.
the procedure takes 2-3 hours and is very well tolerated by our patients who are now very happy achieving a total body correction in one step. The patient usually stays in hospital for 2 days only.